People often ask me how I can go on vacation for 3 weeks at a time or how they can have my life. There’s no secret to building wealth, but I realize (after telling friends and colleagues over and over again, but seeing no action) that they need more of a roadmap.

Through the urban retreat, I hope to help you gain clarity so you can start your journey to crafting the life YOU want. It won’t look like mine, but to give you an example:

I make six figures in my consulting business working an average of 10 hours a week.

I have additional income streams and wealth-producing strategies:
– Rental homes (started in my late 20s)
– 401K/IRA/Stocks (started in my 30s)
– Angel investment (started in my 30s)
– Private placement (started in my 30s)

I have had a net worth of over a million dollars since my 30s.

I can retire today.

I can show you how.

Urban Retreat

Kick off your new year in the right direction!

Join me on a journey for two days of self-exploration to craft the life you want. This retreat was created to give high-performing individuals access to guides (thought leaders, advisors, coaches, and peers) who can act as your personal board of directors.

Create your own roadmap while you experience the city of Houston with a group of like-minded individuals in an intimate setting.

Your retreat ticket includes:
1. Welcome bag and reception
2. All meals
3. Behavioral and Values Assessment
4. Individual, peer, and group coaching
5. Sessions on Setting Your Intention, Real-Estate investing, Story-telling
6. Headshots
7. Open bar (beer, wine, and mimosa bar)

Optional activities: yoga, walks, pub crawl, extended weekend experience*

WhenThursday 3 PM toSaturday 3 PM
Cost$1200** to$1,500
IncludedEverything once you arrive!
*Optional experiences – extra fees may apply **Double Occupancy in Queen or King Bed

This is my professional bio…

I help leaders align their people + strategy to achieve business results. 

Wendy Fong is the founder and principal of Chief Gigs, which offers fractional business leadership, organizational consulting, and team development. Chief Gigs helps businesses and the people within them achieve optimum performance and thrive in a dynamic and diverse world.

Wendy is passionate about building dream teams with leaders. She emphasizes the natural strengths and preferences of individuals to help team members attain the highest level of performance from each other.

Wendy has over 20 years of experience in culture change, leadership development, team effectiveness, capability building, and operations.

She is active in the community. She serves on the boards of United Against Human Trafficking and Valhalla Investment Group, as well as an advisor to several startups.

Wendy holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Rice University. Wendy loves family, food, and fun. When she’s not working, you can catch her on the slopes, snapping photos, or eating amazing food. You can check out her snaps on Instagram.


It has been several years since I officially “hung up my shingle” being a full-time entrepreneur. I always had side gigs while enjoying the comfort and stability of a full-time job. While most of my jobs allowed me to be innovative and agile, there’s nothing quite like the pressure of being on your own. The timing couldn’t have been worse. I had just gotten a small number of engagements when global business came to a screeching halt in March of 2020. Despite the economic downturn which brought in the possibility that I would not be successful, I wouldn’t trade in this experience for the world.

Here are some thoughts I wanted to share about my journey so far.

When I was getting my MBA, my goal was to be independent by 2015. I am 4.5 years late. What took me so long?

A part of why I didn’t start earlier was because I had built a dream team at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston, and work was SO MUCH FUN. We had an amazing group of humans who looked forward to working with each other every day. Alas, as my mentor told me, dream teams don’t last forever. Pressures around me changed, and I felt I could no longer support my team in the way that I had previously done.

Sometimes when we run, we take the paths presented in front of us instead of forging a new path – because it’s easier, and it seems right at the time. I knew I couldn’t stay where I was any longer, but instead of starting my own business, I chose a job where I felt I could make a bigger impact. When you are busy living life every day, it’s easy to forget to be intentional.

What motivated me to start Chief Gigs in 2019?

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I either started my own or worked for fast-growing companies. Later in my career, I worked for several larger organizations. As experienced by many people of color, the higher up you are in an organization, the more power you have and the more discrimination you face.

In one of my last corporate jobs. I had an experience that pushed me to the edge. From the beginning, the people who interviewed me were very clear about how the industry was male, stale, and pale. Those were their words, not mine. They said they wanted change, they wanted diversity, and that I was the change-maker they wanted. This is the beginning of the chart below – the honeymoon phase. I felt like I won the lottery. A company that actually wants me to be who I am! Once I got in there and actually used my voice, I found the same resistance that many people of color, especially women, find. I didn’t get support for the issues that needed to be fixed. In fact, leadership ignored the issues I brought up many times. From tokenism to microaggressions to the denial of racism and retaliation, it all happened to me. I was told that I was combative whenever we had conversations. 

When I saw this graphic (right), I was floored – every bit of that happened to me. I didn’t even realize I was going through all these stages until after the separation.

So, I decided I would rather work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labor than to have yet another negative experience in corporate America. I do DEI work in organizations so I can prevent this from happening to other people. This is my origin story.

What is the appeal of being your own boss?

My husband made the switch back in 2012, leaving the world of IT to do real estate full time, so it’s not a new concept in our family. In the past, we would take month-long trips in between full-time jobs that I had. Now with both of our flexible schedules, we can work anytime from anywhere, which has been especially nice due to the varying needs of extended family members and online learning for our son.

Starting a business is invigorating and fun. It’s not all roses all the time. I miss having a team. I miss building a team. Oh, and let’s not forget the pay. I miss executive pay. Sometimes I wonder if I’m making enough impact – it’s really easy to feel alone when you’re literally alone. That’s why I’ve been extremely grateful for the mentors and supporters I’ve had along the way. 


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